Tell Me About Yourself

Create an Elevator Speech that Highlights your Talents | taught by Susan Ryan

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Do you find yourself at a loss for words when someone says, "Tell me about yourself"

Many of us feel that way.

But if you're prepared when someone says, "Tell me about yourself" you"ll have an excellent opportunity to describe your skills, goals and achievements.

This audio lesson provides you with three examples you can use to create a clear and professional response to "Tell me about yourself."

Susan Ryan
Susan Ryan
American Accent Specialist

Susan Ryan is an American accent specialist and communication coach at She is the author of the American Accent Fundamentals iBook and creator of the American Accent for IT Professionals course on Udemy. Since 2007, she has helped hundreds of highly skilled foreign professionals speak American English clearly and confidently. Susan looks forward to teaching, guiding and partnering with you in achieving your communication goals.

Susan Ryan

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How to Answer, “Tell Me About Yourself”
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