American Accent Master Class

Unlock Your American Accent with these 5 Master Keys to Success | taught by Susan Ryan

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Do You Wonder Why Americans Don’t always Understand You When You’re Speaking English?

  • Are you frustrated that people are always asking you to repeat yourself?
  • Are you tired of people asking you where you are from, instead of listening to what you have to say?
  • Do your colleagues lose interest or ‘switch off’ when you’re talking to them?
  • Are you sick of getting noticed only because of the way you sound?

You know all too well that speaking American English with a foreign accent often creates breakdowns in communication. When people fail to understand you, conversations and negotiations fall apart. Even routine tasks such as answering the phone or giving directions can become painful to complete.

Spoken American English sounds and speech patterns, commonly known as the American accent, is not specifically taught in typical English language learning programs. The reason why you do not sound like an American would when you speak English is simply because no one has ever told you what you needed to do. As a result, most non-native American English speakers lack the awareness and knowledge of how to successfully improve their American accent and pronunciation.

By learning to recognize and change the sounds and patterns that you unconsciously transfer from your own language to English, you can learn to speak in a way that will allow American listeners to understand you more easily.

About this Class

Now, you can learn the 5 American accent “secrets” that no one has told you about!

In this online course you'll learn 5 key "secrets" that will allow you to communicate more clearly, effectively and professionally in the North American workplace.

What You will Learn

  • find out what Americans think about accents (it's better than you think)
  • learn the secret formula for speaking with the right pace
  • learn the secret to asking questions correctly (there's more than one way)
  • learn the secret technique you can use make yourself understood the first time when you say any word including names and numbers
  • learn the secrets for making friendly small talk that will allow you to "connect" with Americans
  • learn how to avoid accent related grammatical errors
  • learn the secrets of how successful American CEO's communicate in a way that inspires confidence & trust

After this Class, Students will be able to confidently:

  • Ask any type of question clearly and effectively
  • Lead meetings and discussions with confidence
  • Speak clearly over the phone
  • Make small talk with colleagues and clients
  • Connect with others in a way that builds trust and inclusiveness
  • Clear up communication breakdowns whenever they occur

Who Should Take this Class:

  • International professionals working in IT, finance, health care, HR, sales and academia.
  • People who have a good command of written English and vocabulary.
  • People who've already experienced some career success and want to take their verbal communication skills to the next level.

Susan Ryan
Susan Ryan
American Accent Specialist

Susan Ryan is an American accent specialist and communication coach at She is the author of the American Accent Fundamentals iBook and creator of the American Accent for IT Professionals course on Udemy. Since 2007, she has helped hundreds of highly skilled foreign professionals speak American English clearly and confidently. Susan looks forward to teaching, guiding and partnering with you in achieving your communication goals.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
How to Get the Most From this Course FREE
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Week 1: Why Do I Have an Accent When I Speak American English?
1.1 Module Overview FREE
1.2 What to Expect
1.3 What You Will Learn
1.4 American Communication Framework
1.5 Why Do You Speak with an Accent? FREE
1.6 Key #1: How to Make Yourself Understood
1.7 Ten Spoken American English Rules FREE
1.8 Spoken English Rules (Continued)
1.9 Your First Step to Becoming a Better Communicator FREE
1.10 Article & Assignment
1.11 Case Study: Indra Nooyi
1.12 Master List of Stress Patterns
1.13 Audio: Master List of Syllable Stress Patterns
1.14 Quiz
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Week 2: Why the Brain Doubts a Foreign Accent
2.1 Module Overview FREE
2.2 What You Will Learn
2.3 Accents and Trust
2.4 Key #2: Avoid Accent Related Grammatical Errors
2.5 Winning Your Listeners Trust
2.6 The Importance of Credible Communication
2.7 Article
2.8 Assignment Rules for Pronouncing Word Final Sounds
2.9 Audio: Rules for Pronouncing Word Final Sounds
2.10 Assignment The 3 Sounds of ED
2.11 Audio: The 3 Sounds of Ed
2.12 Case Study: Ping Fu
2.13 Quiz
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Week 3: How To Speak Like a Native
3.1 Module Overview FREE
3.2 What You Will Learn in this Module
3.3 Recap of Secret Keys #1 & #2
3.4 How to Speak Like a Native
3.5 Actors and Accents
3.6 The Intelligibility Principle
3.7 Rhythm of American English
3.8 Key #3: How to Ask Questions Correctly
3.9 Question Intonation Patterns
3.10 You Don’t Need to Eliminate Your Accent
3:11 Article & Examples
3:12 Assignment
3:13 Audio: Assignment
3:14 Case Study: Vic Gundotra
3.15 Quiz
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Week 4: The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes
4.1 Module Overview FREE
4.2 What You Will Learn
4.3 Review Keys 1-3
4.4 Key #4: Speak With the Right Pace
4.5 Phrases, Pitch & Pauses
4.6 The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes
4.7 Pace in Deliberate vs Casual Speech
4.8 Article
4.9 Assignment
4:10 Audio: Assignment
4.11 Case Study: Sergey Brin
4.12 Quiz
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Week 5: What Does a Successful CEO Sound Like?
5.1 Module Overview
5.2 What You Will Learn
5.3 Review Keys 1-4
5.4 Key #5: Communicate in a Way that Inspires Trust
5.5 The Most Common Sound in English You’ve Never Heard Of
5.6 Article
5.7 Assignment
5.8 Audio: Assignment
5.9 Case Study: Jeff Bezos
5.10 Case Study: Christine Lagarde
5.11 Quiz
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Week 6: Making Connections with Small Talk
6.1 Module Overview
6.2 What You Will Learn
6.3 Review Keys 1-5
6.4 Key #6: Secret to Making Friendly Small Talk FREE
6.5 Linking
6.6 Blending
6.7 Article
6.8 Audio: Article
6.9 Assignment
6.10 Audio: Assignment
6.11 Video Case Study: Bog Digen
6.12 Quiz
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Week 7: American Responses to Foreign Accented Speech
7.1 Module Overview
7.2 What You Will Learn
7.3 Review Keys 1-6
7.4 American Responses to Foreign Accented Speech
7.5 Deliberate vs Casual Speech
7.6 Key #7: How to Sound Natural
7.8 Article
7.8 Assignment
7.9 Audio: Assignment
7.10 Quiz
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Week 8: Putting It All Together
8.1 Module Overview
8.2 What You Will Learn
8.3 Putting It All Together: Keys 1-2
8.4 Putting It All Together: Keys 3-5
8.5 Putting It All Together: Key 6
8.6 Putting It All Together: Key 7
8.7 How to Practice
8.8 Article
8.9 Assignment
8.10 Audio: Assignment
8.11 Video Case Study: Arianna Huffington
8.12 Quiz
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What's Next?
Next Steps
Additional Resources
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